Convert R Markdown documents into a variety of formats including HTML, MS Word, PDF, and Beamer.


The rmarkdown package includes high level functions for converting to a variety of formats. For example:

render("input.Rmd", html_document())
render("input.Rmd", pdf_document())

You can also specify a plain markdown file in which case knitting will be bypassed:

render("", html_document())

Additional options can be specified along with the output format:

render("input.Rmd", html_document(toc = TRUE))
render("input.Rmd", pdf_document(latex_engine = "lualatex"))
render("input.Rmd", beamer_presentation(incremental = TRUE))

You can also include arbitrary pandoc command line arguments along with the other options:

render("input.Rmd", pdf_document(toc = TRUE, pandoc_args = "--listings"))