The html_vignette format provides a lightweight alternative to html_document suitable for inclusion in packages to be released to CRAN. It reduces the size of a basic vignette from 100k to around 10k. The format differs from a conventional HTML document as follows:

  • Never uses retina figures
  • Has a smaller default figure size
  • Uses a custom CSS stylesheet


To use html_vignette you specify it as the output format and add some additional vignette related macros:

title: "Vignette Title"
output: rmarkdown::html_vignette
vignette: >
  %\VignetteIndexEntry{Vignette Title}

Note that you should change the title field and the \VignetteIndexEntry to match the title of your Vignette.

All options support for html_document also work for html_vignette. See the article on the html_document format for additional details.

Appearance and Style

Custom CSS

The html_vignette template includes a basic CSS theme. To override this theme you can specify your own CSS in the document metadata as follows:

    css: mystyles.css

Figure Sizes

The figure sizes have been customised so that you can easily put two images side-by-side:


If you want larger figure sizes you can change the fig_width and fig_height in the document output options or alternatively override the default options on a per-chunk basis.

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