This document provides quick references to the most commonly used R Markdown syntax. See the following articles for more in-depth treatment of all the capabilities of R Markdown:


*italic*   **bold**

_italic_   __bold__


# Header 1

## Header 2

### Header 3


Unordered List:

* Item 1
* Item 2
    + Item 2a
    + Item 2b

Ordered List:

1. Item 1
2. Item 2
3. Item 3
    + Item 3a
    + Item 3b

R Code Chunks

R code will be evaluated and printed


Inline R Code

There were `r nrow(cars)` cars studied


Images on the web or local files in the same directory:


![optional caption text](figures/img.png)


A friend once said:

> It's always better to give
> than to receive.

Plain Code Blocks

Plain code blocks are displayed in a fixed-width font but not evaulated

This text is displayed verbatim / preformatted

Inline Code

We defined the `add` function to
compute the sum of two numbers.
LaTeX Equations

LaTeX Equations

Inline equation:


Display equation:

$$ equation $$

Horizontal Rule / Page Break

Three or more asterisks or dashes:




First Header  | Second Header
------------- | -------------
Content Cell  | Content Cell
Content Cell  | Content Cell
Reference Style Links and Images

Manual Line Breaks

End a line with two or more spaces:

Roses are red,
Violets are blue.



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